final research

ok so sorry for the late post on our site related research rather than just stuff I liked. I said before there are not alot of wake boarding sites out there, and the few that exist are.. well ok.

all are mostly local or some sort of forum or combination of the two. there are a few good ones.

The list of sites is:

The one that stood out to me most was It tends to fit well in the “target market look.” The one that I would say came in second is It is the one that I would say that covers the “informational” aspect of what I am wanting to do. Another that I like is is mainly a forum but does have a few other pages. One being a rider spotlite but it focuses on local riders rather than a pro wakeboarder. The others, with out trying to be rude, are almost not even worth taking a look at. They are rather dated or mostly filled with googleAds just to make a buck.


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  1. jim on

    Great list of wakeboard sites however I would have to put wakeworld #1 in my book. I am trying to put together a mash-up of wakeboard sites myself, stay tuned. Also some of the bigger name wakeboard vendors are starting to post info and news on their sites, like Marine Products. Check out theMarine Products Blog

  2. Ian Lindsay on

    Definitely agree with you on this on. WakeboardingMag has the best look of all of the sites, the content is pretty accessible, and the ads are tastefully done. Plus, they have a wakeboarding elephant that really made me laugh.

    On the other hand, the amount of animated GIF ads on WakeWorld Online made my eyes bleed. Yeeesh.

    Otherwise, DallasWakeBoarding stood out to me, and not because it looked very good or had any amazing features. I guess I liked the local emphasis, it made it seem much more original that the national approach taken by the other sites. I think concentrating more on the local angle (maybe Texas wakeboarding?) might be something to explore, since it might be a better approach for building a more accessible, tight-nit community.

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