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Wakeboarding Informational Site – Expanding The Sport of Wakeboarding

Problem – The problem I am addressing for this site is that wakeboarding is still a rather small sport in comparison to football, baseball, basketball, ect. I am addressing this problem as if a major Wakeboarding Manufacturer or possibly the Pro Wakeboarding Tour (PWT) wants a web site to help expand and present the sport to a mass audience.

• I chose this as one of my sites to model after because I think it is any incredibly beautiful design. It flows well and all the information is extremely easy to read and I find that the information is laid out and a manner that is pretty intuitive. I chose this site for styling ideas
• This particular site is their portfolio site but this is the best example of their style of navigation. I understand it not their stand-alone idea that nobody else does but I feel they do it brilliantly. It huge easy to read and access and I really have no other way of saying it but its just flat out sexy. And its pure CSS no JavaScript or flash.
• I personally have been trying to find a good style of navigation that fit all these criteria. So I will probably try to adapt their style of navigation for my project.

• I chose this site because for layout ideas. I think it is a job well done of getting a lot of content one page without making it “too” crowded. I also admire this sites navigation. I is done with CSS as drop down but it is not your typical drop down navigation. I will be looking to this site for layout ideas for a possible news section to my site.
• I would personally like to try to mix his style of drop down menu with the style of the SouthCreative sites style menu. I think the two could mess well together and live a happy home in my site.

• This is another one of Crofts sites, as I do my research I am really finding my self attracted to his sites. I chose this site again because it does another good job of getting a lot of information on to a page without too much clutter. This is another site I will be trying to model my heavily populated content pages after.
• If you play around with resizing the window of you browser I really like how his site handle either expanding or shrinking the window size.

• This is Jeff Croft’s actual portfolio site. I chose some others done by him, I guess you could say I really like his style. I chose this site because after looking around for a while I think he is “thinking” out side of the box I like stuff that is extremely out of the norm but still functional and useful. I a mostly talking about the “branding/nav” section of the site. You don’t usually see a vertical branding on a page or much less one that works, nor do you typically see nav stacked in the manor he did. So ultimately you could say I chose this site for styling ideas
• I like his typography and his use of links spread through out the page. I find that that is one of the weaker parts of my design is giving links diversity while still allows for anyone to know it is a link right of the bat
• I am not certain that I will use and one specific feature of his site in my design but I want to try and adapt his “out of the box” yet still in the box functionality to my site.

teehanlax —- johnhancock

• I am looking to this site as just another example of out of the box thinking. I like how the whole front page is almost handled as their navigation. It is not content heavy by any means but it give you access to almost the entire site with a fairly simple main nav.
• This is a good home page in my opinion just because with the subject matter at hand the do a great job of simplifying it as to not overwhelm the user.
• This is another site Im not sure if I can use one specific example from this site for mine but I want to adapt their strategy of taking the content and making it easy for the users to absorb.
This is by no means the end of my research but I it is getting late on Friday and I wanted to share what I had already I will try to add the rest by the end of this weekend but I want to be sure to get my 5 sites up because I was late last week. So enjoy tell me what you think and check back for a part II.


* note that this is kinda of old and I have some more I plan to add here as soon as I get a chance but i just wanted to make sure I got something out there for you guys to read and see what I liked..


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