Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Shane Maris. I am 24 years old. I live in Dallas Tx.

This is the start of my 6th quarter at the Art Institute of Dallas. I am a Interactive Media Design major. I can now officially say this is the first college I have stayed at for more than a year since graduating high school. I started of as undecided major at a local community college. Then I decided to try my hand at business and had the opportunity to move to San Diego Ca, to attend the University of San Diego. That is where i grew tired of business and decided I would rather try my hand at something I enjoyed. I switched to Computer Science with was one of the hardest things I have tried to do. I actually thought I was decent at math until then. Due to the expense of California’s living costs I moved back to Texas and started school at SMU. After struggling a little with the advanced math issues I scaled it back but kept in the field of computers. I had some basic C++ programming classes so I knew I enjoyed coding. So here I am at AI enjoying just about every class I have had.

I am currently working/interning for Atomic Design & Consulting out of Plano Tx. We specialize in Web design, Email marketing, and Search engine optimization (SEO/SEM) company. I mostly make updates to sites and help out where I can around the office.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • design
  • web development
  • logo design
  • starting to get interested in typography
  • outdoors
  • music
  • computers
  • wakeboarding
  • longboarding
  • snowboarding
  • football
  • hockey

…and much much more


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