Concepts in Motion


intro*that i dont like a whole lot right now

Week 10 Assignment

the little progress that i have so far.

Week 9 Assignment


Week 6 Assignment

Banner Ad
Last Weeks with a Button

Week 5 Assignment

Cell Animation,
Banner Ad
my cell animation was inspired from the old site… and my banner ad i am some what happy with. wish i could have spent more time tweaking the timing and some other things that bother me. but over all its well… mehhhh..

Week 4 Assignment

here is the start of my idea….

The two I watched this week were “Lord of War” and “Stranger Than Fiction”.

Lord of War caught my attention as the opening credits follow a bullet though the production process, then into the hands of the people who will use the bullet ultimately to the boy the bullet kills at the end of the credits. I liked the idea behind this one. I think it is a very fitting opening for a film titles Lord of War. The pacing is a bit slow in my opinion but I’m not sure if it would be much better at a faster pace.

Stranger than fiction was the other one I watched. I like the way they introduce the text and other animated elements into the shot. The timing is good as it swings down from something in the opening sequence or grow out of a pole, of follows his tooth brush. They also did a good job making the text elements seem as if all the opening credits were some sort of calculation. Blending well with the theme of the movie.


here are my three logos:

Logo 1,Logo 2,Logo 3

Likes and Dislikes

Some of the things I dislike, I am pretty sure will start to fade once I am a little more familiar with flash. For example I dont like the placement of the company name below the “dots” logo I tried to publish it three different times to get it to look similar to the .fla file I was looking at but couldnt figure it out. I wansnt able to get as elaborate as i wanted to on some of the logos [roots logo] because of some unfamiliarity with flash but I feel that will all go away once I get some more man hours in the program then it will just be the typical “I don’t like my drawing ability stuff”.


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