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Semantic markup was the topic of choice this week. Also considered meaningful markup.  Looking around for a while I came across a blog post on 456 Berea Street titled POSH – Plain Old Semantic HTML. This really helped me understand the concept of putting meaning behind your code. It is important not only to us as users looking for useful information, it also allows search engines to better know the topic of your site and whether or not it is relevant to the users search. I also came across a good post by Robert Nyman at Robert’s Talk . This post did a really good job of explaining Semantic Markup and why you benefit from using it. It now just seems illogical not to use semantic markup, it kind of seems like one of those “win, win” situations. Another posting I found was at Digital Web Magazine by Richard MacManus and Joshua Porter. While this one I found to be a decent read I found it last and it seemed like the previous two post had explain the topic rather well and were a little bit newer as to not feel so outdated. Only three years but still.

Overall these are some pretty good posts to sway you to the right side and away from the “dark side”. I will defiantly be trying to use proper semantic markup in everything that I do from here on in