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Idea for final project

Wakeboarding Informational Site – Expanding The Sport of Wakeboarding
Problem – The problem I am addressing for this site is that wakeboarding is still a rather small sport in comparison to football, baseball, basketball, ect. I am approaching this as if a major Wakeboarding Manufacturer or possibly the Pro Wakeboarding Tour (PWT) has requested a web site to help expand the sport, and be a representation of the sport, to a mass audience.

The site would have a ‘news’ section containing ‘rider bio’, ‘PWT contests’, ‘recent news’, and ‘trick of the month’ sections. There would also be a rather large ‘about’ section because the site’s main focus it to inform. Inside of the ‘about’ section would be ‘history’, ‘wakeboarding’, ‘wakeskating’, and  ‘wakesurfing’ sections.  I am also thinking of adding a small buyers guide. Users would not have the ability to buy directly from the site but could be pointed into the right direction.

That is the core of the idea I have settled on for the final project. Let me know what you guy’s think. missing anything, do I need to expand on anything, remove anything? comments welcome.